Ah, ‘Tis the Season for futile fan “Save Our Show” efforts. Let’s review all the kinds of efforts that have absolutely no chance whatsoever to have any effect:

Online petitions? Meaningless!

Twitter campaigns? Useless!

Facebook pages? Futile!

Sending various flotsam to networks? Messy and worthless!

However, Chuck fans, in their drive to get a feature film made have a campaign going that while highly unlikely to be successful, isn’t by definition completely useless like all the kinds of efforts above.

They’re pledging money to fund a potential movie in a sort of Kickstarter-style effort.

Will they raise enough money? Probably not.

But here’s the difference between their effort and all the other kinds of “Save Our Show” efforts you usually hear about. Were they to raise enough money, something might happen.

On the other hand, no number of petition signatures, Tweets, Facebook likes, or packages filled with mailed in junk will have any effect whatsoever!

That’s “Save Our Show” innovation baby!

Thanks to alert reader Shelby for the tip.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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