Finally, the official confirmation that NBC’s Chuck has been renewed has come. It has been renewed for 13 episodes.  There is an option for a back 9, but whether or not NBC exercises it remains to be seen. Unknown still, as of this writing, but something we’ll know shortly is when it will air on NBC’s schedule. The rumor mill has been suggesting Fridays at 8pm. We’ll see.

There are however some additional unknowns. Obviously NBC and Warner Brothers have been haggling over price, and obviously, like many other shows, lower production costs were negotiated. But how much lower, and just what that means, if anything, as far as some of your favorite characters still being on the show as of yet is uncertain.

Update: Michael Ausiello weighs in on what some of the cost cuts will mean:

Here’s the bad news: The 13-episode pickup came after Warner Bros. agreed to make significant budget concessions, including scaling back the number of episodes several members of the show’s stellar supporting cast will appear in and, per one insider, possibly eliminating one actor altogether (R.I.P. Anna Wu?). The show is also expected to cut two of its staff writers.

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