Scarcity breeds premiums, and we always hear nothing is more scarce to television advertisers than the elusive male 18-34.   While Community’s & Parks and Recreation’s overall 18-49 ratings smell kinda crappy, if you look a little closer they might come out smelling like a rose.

Community won the 8:00-8:30p half hour with males 18-34 with a 2.2 rating, beating Survivor’s 2.0 rating.  Parks & Recreation won the 8:30-9p half hour with a 2.4 male 18-34 rating, besting Survivor’s 2.2 rating.

Nobody (including us) ever has much nice to say about NBC, but the dominance with the 9pm comedy block sheds some light on why Steve Carrell is almost certainly just negotiating in public ahead of a contract that is expiring after next season.  My guess is he’ll  be around for a while if the current results hold up next season.

At 9pm The Office pulled a 4.2 rating with men 18-34.  Nothing else came close.  “Ladies Night” notwithstanding, the next best show with men 18-34 in broadcast for the 9-9:30p half hour was Grey’s Anatomy with a 1.7 rating.

30 Rock crushed it last night too with men 18-34, dominating its half hour with a 3.2 rating.  Grey’s was again second best with men 18-34 that half hour with a 1.9 rating.

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