Update: It’s official!

The Slater curse reversed?

Fox’s Breaking In is close to beating the odds to come back from the dead according to a report from Deadline Hollywood. The series is poised for a second season pickup of 13 episodes, though the complex deal (that includes a script commitment for another series from Breaking In’s creator Adam F. Goldberg) has yet to be finalized.

With the American Idol lead-in, Breaking In’s ratings were OK-ish, but when it ventured out on its own, its ratings stunk. Now it looks like it will be a part of Fox’s plans for a two hour mid-season comedy block. When Fox decided to split the cost to keep the actors under contract with Sony, it seemed it was hedging its bets because it wasn’t sure about its comedy pilots as mid-season replacements.  The Deadline story notes that if the deal is finalized it will mark the second time the show is back from the dead. It almost never got on the air to begin with.

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