Here are some Q & A from a Joss Whedon conference call he did with the Fox publicity folks today. Questions are in bold, answers are all from Whedon. Generally paraphrased except exact quotes are in quotation marks. 😉 = Joss clearly being sarcastic.

How will Echo come into her own this year?

Through force of will. All her new personalities will begin to effect her. Will even change in her “doll” state.

How many seasons to you see Dollhouse lasting?

Limited, by season 17 it will be repeating itself. 😉

How do you approach the potential for new viewers to watch the show?

The first episode this season attempts to make it easier for new viewers to understand the premise, but at some point you need to connect to the characters or not.

How can we get new viewers to watch the show?

Buy the DVD for yourself, buy lots for your friends! 😉

When might we see Ray Wise?

Episode 6. He will play the head of another dollhouse.

How “arc’y” is the show going to be this season?

It’s going to be pretty “arc’y”. People reacted very well to the arcs of the characters lives in season 1.

What convinced Fox to renew the show?

Nature of the business, nature of the fanbase. The fanbase is in it for the long haul, they will see it through even after it is cancelled and Fox realizes that. “I don’t make hit shows, I make shows that stick around.”

What is it going to be like for the characters this season?

Victor and Sierra can’t keep their hands off each other. Echo is building herself and she wants allies and wants to put together a team to help her. She is looking for a sense of family.

Are there plans to get the rest of Firefly cast on this season?

There’s a “death match” between Firefly and Battlestar actors to get themselves on the show ;). He has no fear of adding any past actors he knows to the show.

Does Summer Glau’s character work at Ray Wise’s dollhouse?


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