As fan false hope generating nonsense goes, the idea floated by The Hollywood Reporter that tonight’s ratings for the rescheduled finale of Breaking In could somehow resurrect the show from cancellation is particularly fan-false-hope-tastic!

THR claims:

They canceled the show, then gave it some hope, saying a renewal will depend on the finale’s ratings.

Fan false hope alert!

I noted a report last week that somebody had floated a story to that Breaking In might not be entirely dead. That was likely post cancellation PR by Sony (the producers of the show), and while I think all positive news about cancelled shows should be ignored for at least a week or two, the fact that Sony was still trying to save the show isn’t out of this world.

The idea that a single night’s ratings, a rescheduled episode following Raising Hope at that, is going to save the show is complete false hope fan pandering!

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