Highlights of the FOX press conference call about the 2015-16 season with Co-Chairman and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman:


  • Staying on Wednesday at 9PM because “We’d be crazy to move it. We want to thank and reward our fans by leaving it in is timeslot.”
  • Empire will have an 18 episode season 2, split into fall and winter halves. FOX will break a lot of its dramas into two halves.
  • Empire cast is doing concerts this summer, more promotional efforts start in June.
  • Even more big-time guest stars next season, though no names were revealed.
  • Ne-Yo will write songs for season 2 along with Timbaland.
  • No repeats this summer, other than streaming.

American Idol

  • The final season is likely to include appearances from past judges and contestants.
  • Will keep its Wednesday and Thursday timeslots.
  • FOX may develop more music competition shows, but the sense is that the genre needs to be reinvented to succeed.

The X Files

  • Wanted to maximize exposure by giving it a NFL playoff lead-in, then running second episode the next day.
  • The hope is that The X Files will help the launch of Lucifer.
  • Chris Carter has not revealed to FOX much of what he has planned, storywise.





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