I hope that pseudo anonymity allows Fox’s @MaskedScheduler to tweet and blog for the rest of his career.   As a bit of a preface, when I first experienced him on Twitter at the beginning of the Fall 2009 TV season, it was fun to read his potshots at NBC, but it also struck me as kind of low.

At the time I didn’t actually know who he was or have any idea of his background.  It turns out he had quite the career at NBC and loved his experiences there.  I came to understand that for him, watching Jeff Zucker run the network was akin to helplessly watching a loved one get sodomized.  In that context, I had a new appreciation and respect for his commentary.

He also has quite a bit of experience and from time to time he graciously shares it on his must-read blog.  He shared quite a bit of his thinking on Lone Star, including:

Gang, this show was REJECTED. Deal with it…..we have. Rather than pointing fingers or belittling the audience we accept that this show just did not resonate with the viewers but hey we took the shot. We were wrong. Let me let you in on a little secret…..it’s just television…..shit happens. You go online Tuesday after we cancelled LONE STAR and it felt like a fucking wake….gimme a break.

When a show premieres with ratings like this and then drops to a 1.0 in 18-49’s in week two…..it’s not about whether we should have saved the show for later in the season (we actually had that debate in May) or whether there was a better slot for it on the schedule (other shows premiered in tough time periods to better ratings) and I don’t think that there was a marketing campaign that would have significantly pumped up the ratings. I think that we were always between a rock and a hard place with this show.

He also weighs in on why he thinks viewers weren’t interested, so I recommend reading the full post.

Sure, he’s got some biases, and he is actually a person who has to deal with some crazy, crazy e-mails (I can only imagine the craziness during Dollhouse and TSCC) but it strikes me as the kind of spot-on straight talk I wished we saw more often from more sources.

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