On the list of “things you don’t want to have happen for a TV series premiere”, facing a World Series Game 7 has to rank right up there with “hope OJ isn’t driving his Bronco tonight”. But sadly for NBC, such is the situation for tonight’s premiere of Grimm.

Premiering a new show at 9pm on Friday in late October doesn’t scream “we think this show’s going to be a hit” in the first place. Add to that competition with the first World Series Game 7 in 9 years, and it’s look out below for the ratings.

Not really any ratings history I can provide for handicapping assistance. I don’t think NBC’s had a scripted show on Friday that it wasn’t burning off since I began archiving show by show ratings in 2009, (Friday Night Lights fans, don’t kid yourselves) so you’re going in blind on this guess.

Whoops! My mind had already consigned Outlaw to Saturday only. It didn’t premiere on Friday in 2010, but its first three episodes drew 1.1, 1.0 and 0.9 ratings.

Take a guess!

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