It looks like Flashpoint might be on its way out, at least at CBS. Or perhaps not. It’s probably too early to tell and I have no idea about its fate in Canada where it’s produced, but according to president of CBS Entertainment, Nina Tassler at the TCA press tour, the show hasn’t been renewed beyond the 9 already produced episodes already in the can.

CBS plans to air those episodes and is open to more, but is likely waiting to see how Medium performs Fridays at 9pm and just taking a lukewarm posture in public as both a negotiating strategy and a show of support for Medium.  A wrench was thrown into CBS’ plans when NBC didn’t pick up Medium and CBS had to slot Medium on Friday nights.

Given the past performance of Flashpoint, and what we hear are relatively low costs, I’ll be a bit surprised if CBS doesn’t wind up making a deal for more episodes.

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