In the never ending saga (it’s not crazier than the Jericho story…yet) Broadcasting & Cable writes of Lipstick Jungle:

NBC Primetime Entertainment President Angela Bromstad said the network had not officially canceled Lipstick Jungle at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Thursday.

She said NBC may look for alternatives for the series, but that it’s part of the conversation for fall.

“We have to see how things go with pilots,” she said.

Bill and I don’t agree on everything but one thing we do agree on is being very against the stirring of false hope, and here the blame for this must shift to the peacocks at NBC. Is it pure cowardice to stave off fans from mailing lipstick to the network? Just plain wacky? Or some flavor of, “Well, the thing is Jeff Zucker and Ben Silverman just love Brooke Shields. I mean LOVE her, like since the days when she was on The Bob Hope Special. Since Ben might be fired before next fall it’s just easier to say I don’t freaking know!”

I’d go with staving off the lipstick mailings, except in reality, all it does is encourage it! So I’m going with executive loving of the lovely Brooke Shields.

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