Reports that David Krumholtz who plays the lead role of Charlie Eppes on CBS’s Numb3rs has been cast in the lead of Fox’s Ron Howard project “IRS”  have some fans worried that’s the final nail in the coffin for Numb3rs.

It’s not any nail at all.   If Fox winds up picking up the pilot, they will only get Krumholtz if CBS doesn’t renew Numb3rs.

CBS cut Numb3rs order from 22 episodes to 16 this season which is never a particularly good sign.  CBS has publicly chalked some of that up to a luxury of wealth when it comes to programming and having to make room for Jerry Bruckheimer’s Miami Medical. CBS will air Miami Medical in the Numb3rs Friday 10pm slot beginning in April.

Numb3rs’ numbers have been a bit higher recently (as have the other shows on CBS’ Friday night lineup); hitting a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating and higher over the last few weeks, and often being Friday’s most-watched show in terms of total viewers (which won’t matter any in CBS’s decision, but still).

I also don’t really expect we’ll be able to read much into Numb3rs’ prospects as a result of the numbers for Miami Medical.  If Miami Medical doesn’t perform as well as Numb3rs, that’s bad news for Miami Medical, but not necessarily good news for Numb3rs.  We’re sure Numb3rs lovers will be keeping tabs on Miami Medical’s numbers anyway.

Sadly Numb3rs fans (and I count myself among you) will likely have to wait the decision out for a while.  Barring strange events  like, Fox greenlighting “IRS” to series even before actually seeing the pilot and trying to force CBS into an early decision on the fate of Krumholtz, I don’t expect we’ll know how it turns out until May.

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