Ugly Betty

Though the Lost info foils my personal wannabe network scheduler schedule where I slot Lost on Thursdays at 8pm, it definitely makes more sense to me that Ugly Betty would stay on Fridays. AfterElton reported it had confirmation that Ugly Betty would move to Wednesdays a couple of days ago, nobody else has reported that from confirmed sources. Ausiello’s post was from last night:

Question: What’s the latest word on Ugly Betty moving to Wednesdays? —Alec

Ausiello: All signs point to… it not happening. ABC insiders tell me Betty is staying put on Fridays for now. The most likely candidate to inherit Eastwick’s Wednesdays at 10 p.m. timeslot early next year is Lost. Speaking of Betty, is it just me or is the show kind of on fire right now? Every episode this season has been a winner. I’m even staying awake during the Daniel scenes!

via Ausiello Files (note there are a spoilers in the post from other questions)

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