The nets are discovering that it’s never too early to tubthump.

Fox’s fall marketing campaign began even before last season ended: It ran the pilot of its hot dramedy-tuner prospect “Glee” after the penultimate installment of “American Idol” last month.

ABC began promoing its futuristic drama “Flash Forward” even before it had formally announced the show’s pickup, while NBC cranked up the blurbs for “The Jay Leno Show” the very next night after the host signed off from the “Tonight Show” for the last time.

These early efforts are examples of the shift in recent years toward round-the-clock marketing during the summer months as nets gear up to launch their big new shows in the early fall. There’s no more waiting until four or five weeks before the launch for the promo spots to land. Network image burnishing and show-specific campaigns are fired up right after the schedules are presented during the mid-May upfronts.

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