OK, so it’s not the first time we’ve heard a producer trying to keep hope alive for a canceled broadcast network show.  Now Hollywood Reporter’s Nellie Andreeva reports that Southland’s executive producer John Wells,  called the show’s actors late last week to tell them he is talking to two networks and trying to find a home for the cop series.

Andreeva also reports that even if a network like TNT (which is owned by the same company as Warner Bros, which produces the show, and is reportedly interested) picks the show up, filming wouldn’t resume any time soon.  Instead, the network would take last spring’s seven episodes and combine them with the six un-aired episodes to form a 13 episode season.

Ultimately I could see exactly that happening, and even at TNT.  But I don’t think that necessarily bodes well for the show getting additional episodes produced.   Unless a deal could be struck quickly that involved buying the rights for the six unaired episodes from NBC, it could be a long time before any decision is made on new episodes.  I don’t see the writers, actors, etc. wanting to pass on other opportunities that will come along while Southland’s future waits to be determined.

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