Survivor premiered 10 years ago yesterday (May 31, 2000). Not only was it to become one of the most influential broadcast television shows of the last decade, it was an example of something that has now become rare, a show introduced in the summer, that not only survived, but moved onto success during the regular broadcast season.

Trying to pick which new broadcast shows introduced this summer might move into the regular broadcast season is probably an exercise in futility (since the most likely answer is none), so I thought a more interesting question would be which would simply survive to return next summer?

Here are the new broadcast shows premiering this summer: 100 Questions (NBC), Losing It With Jillian (NBC), Persons Unknown (NBC), The Good Guys (Fox), Scoundrels (ABC), The Gates (ABC), Downfall (ABC), Rookie Blue (ABC), Boston Med (ABC), The Bridge (CBS), Masterchef (Fox), Bachelor Pad (ABC), Head Cases (ABC).

Knowing almost nothing about the content of any of them, I’ll guess Bachelor Pad, Losing It With Jillian and Masterchef. As spinoffs, and likely  very cheap ones, of existing relatively successful franchises, I’ll make  wild guesses they all return next summer.

Which do you think will survive? (choose as many as you’d like, and feel free to explain in the comments)

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