Harry’s Law began its sophomore season with a 13 episode order. NBC has now ordered six additional scripts be written for the show. That’s not quite the same as ordering six more episodes, but it’s close.

Some might see that as a vote of confidence in Harry’s Law, which has been NBC’s lowest rated scripted show of the season (lower on average than both the now canceled The Playboy Club and Free Agents).

I see it more as a lack of confidence in their mid-season replacements. When you’re thinking of adding more episodes of a show that can’t manage to break a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating, what does that say about what you have on the bench?

I still expect the cancellation bear will catch the show no later than next spring. Those with short memories might not recall that Detroit 1-8-7, ABC’s low rated Tuesday 10pm show last season got six more episodes before heading off the that great TV graveyard in the sky. I’d be surprised if Harry’s Law doesn’t follow it. And who can forget Chase on NBC last season? It was given a “back 9” pickup even as its ratings were waning. That “back 9” was later reduced to a “back 5” prior to its cancellation.

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