In the same NY Times article Robert wrote about there were a few other things that caught my eye:

I guessed earlier that if The Jay Leno Show succeeds, the other networks would try something similar. ABC would seem most likely considering their relative failure (at least vs CBS) weekdays at 10pm. Now here’s a bit of confirmation they’re thinking about it.

one ABC employee acknowledged that “Nightline,” the late-night ABC News show, has been talked about as a future 10 p.m. possibility.

And the following quote illustrates the continuing public stance of broadcasters unwilling to acknowledge cable network competition, instead claiming their own DVR’d shows are more competition. Sure,  people are watching DVR’d shows at 10pm, but *lots* more are watching live cable shows.

Mr. Zucker pointed to evidence showing that the most-watched show at 10 p.m. is TiVo, reflecting the number of people who play back shows using digital video recorders. With so many people in playback mode at 10 p.m., NBC suggests topical comedy, delivered fresh every night, would be an attractive alternative.

The article also has some good quotes from industry insiders on both sides of the “will The Jay Leno Show succeed” divide. Many are self serving predictions (and to the NYT’s credit are called out for being such). If I was a big TV producer hoping to sell to the broadcast networks, of course I’d want Leno to fail. If he succeeds, my potential business opportunities just got limited.

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