We originally asked our readers to guess whether Paula Abdul’s Live To Dance could do better than what CBS put against American Idol last season. Although there are still two more weeks when the shows will go head to head, last nights 1.0 adults 18-49 rating for Live To Dance wasn’t even as good as repeats of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried last season.

Our readers turned out to be overly optimistic with their guesses. Those who guessed Ratings Beatdown can take a bow.

The original post is below:

With the announcement that Paula Abdul’s CBS’s Live To Dance will premiere on January 4th and then move to Wednesdays at 8pm, and by my calculation will overlap on 3 Wednesdays with her former show American Idol (Jan 19, 26, Feb 2).

1/4/11 Update: Idol now set to premiere on Jan 19, so only will overlap with LTD on 3 days.

No sane person could imagine Paula pulling better ratings than American Idol, but I’d consider it a ratings upset if she did better than what CBS ran against Idol in those timeslots last season.

Week 1 (1/20/10): Old Christine, Gary Unmarried 1.9 rating

Week 2 (1/27/10): Old Christine, Gary Unmarried 1.4 rating (repeats)

Week 3 (2/3/10) Super Bowl commercial special: 2.8 rating

An average of a 2.03 adults 18-49 rating over the 4 weeks.

So, let’s call it an upset if Paula averages anything over a 2.0 those 4 dates, under a 2.0 is a beat down, and exactly a 2.0 is a push.

Ratings beat down or upset? You make the call:

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