There’s a lot going on this week, and while Tuesday will almost certainly not see anything that comes close to what Two and a Half Men (or for that matter, 2 Broke Girls), all five English broadcasters will be airing original episodes.

On a night of many premieres, my guess is that tomorrow morning most of the reader interest will be focused on the two series premieres. though there’s little doubt the season premieres, particularly perhaps Body of Proof will draw some interest, too. I’m also sure there will be some attention paid to how the second episode of CW’s Ringer performs. Perhaps I’m just projecting a bit, but my guess is more people will be interested in New Girl and Unforgettable.

New Girl is set up beautifully either for good ratings or a few Fan Excuse Bingo squares. New Girl has buzz, it has the Glee lead-in, and gosh darnit, the critics like it. My guess is there won’t be any fan excuses, at least not based on tonight’s ratings, but if there’s even a whiff of disappointing ratings there will be a lot of “the premiere episode has been available everywhere on the Internet for weeks!”   My guess is it will premiere just fine, and even satisfy the retentionistas.

As for  Unforgettable, why name a show in a way that provokes the snarky ratings headline gods? True, The Biggest Loser has laughed in the headline gods’ faces for years and lived to tell the tale. I’m not as optimistic for Unforgettable.

Not to be all “The Grinch Who Stole Premiere Week” but there’s no poll today (I know, I know, lousy!), but here’s your lump of coal: a blank ratings table for tonight’s shows.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating Viewers (Millions)
8:00 FOX Glee (Season Premiere)
CBS NCIS (Season Premiere)
NBC The Biggest Loser (Season Premiere)
ABC Dancing with the Stars: Meet the Cast
CW 90210
9:00 FOX The New Girl (Series Premiere)
ABC Dancing with the Stars Results
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles (Season Premiere)
NBC The Biggest Loser (Season Premiere)
CW Ringer
9:30 FOX Raising Hope (Season Premiere)
10:00 CBS Unforgettable (Series Premiere)
ABC Body of Proof (Season Premiere)
NBC Parenthood

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