Readers of our site are no stranger to discussion of the President’s appearances on television, but the latest flurry of scheduled appearances has raised questions about the strategy. (via

As President Obama prepares for his speed date with the Sunday morning talk shows, a familiar question dogs his aides: “How much Obama is too much Obama?”

Even by the norms of his ubiquity, Mr. Obama has been on an especially prodigious media binge lately, pitching his health care plan seemingly everywhere but the Food Channel and Fox News.

He will sit for interviews on Sunday with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Univision, and hit the “Late Show With David Letterman” on Monday (he is scheduled to be the show’s only guest), to go with his recent run in the print media (Men’s Health), on the Web (Bloomberg) and on cable news (CNBC).

Evidently, the strategy of the President doing so many TV appearances is to get people talking about him doing so many!

One senior White House aide, speaking about media strategy only on condition of anonymity, cited a “buzz factor,” saying that by completing a feat unprecedented for a president, Mr. Obama would draw even more attention to his message.

“Doing five becomes a story in itself,” the aide said.

It worked!

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