Is Scrubs finally canceled?    The ratings say it won’t be renewed and the show’s creator says he doesn’t think it will be renewed.  Of course last year the ratings said the show wouldn’t be renewed and creator Bill Lawrence said it wouldn’t be renewed either.    Then it was renewed.

This year, ABC’s web site is also saying it is over for Scrubs where text on the show’s site indicated Wednesday’s episode is the shows series, rather than season finale..  But the official word out of ABC is that Wednesday’s episodes is merely the show’s season finale and no decision has yet been made about next season yet.   The episode description also is describing it as a season, rather than a series finale.

Whether the Web site thing is merely an “oops, we meant season finale,”  type of slip up or not (that hasn’t been changed as of yet) our guess is series finale.

Thanks to commenter “Tommy” for the link to ABC’s site.

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