Lie to Me may be working out as a successful summer scripted show.   I’m not exactly sure how to define success there, but It’s at least performing about as well as USA Network’s big summer cable hits Burn Notice and Royal Pains.

But while Matt Nix struck ratings gold with Burn Notice on USA,  The Good Guys on FOX is no Burn Notice.   We have enough data on The Good Guys to reach a verdict.  The ratings… they kinda suck.

Fans can try to twist it into some kind of “C’mon, it’s doing better than USA’s In Plain Sight,” but the expectations for The Good Guys on FOX have to be a bit different.  Especially falling from its Lie to Me lead in by  33% (1.2 vs. 1.8 adults 18-49 rating)  and dropping from the first half hour to the last.

Relatively few people are watching, especially by broadcast network standards.  Short of FOX spending massively on marketing (that’s not going to happen) its fate seems sealed.

I’m not  hung up on the ridiculous notion put out there by some that the broadcast networks are really getting serious with the summer schedules by putting on more scripted content.   Most of that is cheap crap ABC & NBC are putting on that would’ve never been considered for the fall schedules.

That really doesn’t seem to be what FOX had in mind for The Good Guys though,  but people aren’t watching anyway.

I won’t be too surprised if FOX sticks with its plan to air it on Fridays in the fall – it’s not going to have that many episodes for the fall anyway.  But at this point, barring a miracle FOX will certainly keep it off the schedule for November sweeps and fans should definitely not expect a second season.

Disclaimer:  the above is not a commentary on the show’s quality, just the ratings

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