We don’t normally get into rumor-mongering, but it’s that time of year… So take this with a  hefty grain of salt, but a source who has provided excellent intel in the past says Nikita is all but dead.

While reliable in the past, we can’t confirm the information and his track record isn’t perfect (who’s is?) but this source did correctly call Harry’s Law renewal last year, and once upon a time got us the info on the Dollhouse cancellation miles ahead of anyone else. I don’t imagine this headline will go over any better than that one did.

Perhaps subconsciously out of fear, I completely forgot to ask about Harry’s Law this year. Bill and I both give it NO CHANCE of being renewed despite being the most-watched drama on NBC.

Our source did offer up that Parenthood is a lock for renewal, which won’t surprise us at all if true.

Update: And now Parenthood is renewed.

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