Update 2: looks like 108.4 million viewers short of a record, and making it the third most-watched Super Bowl of all time.

Update: while it was easy to use the 7-11p numbers this year (since the game ran almost until 11!), last year the Super Bowl portion we saw in the fast nationals was only ~7-9:30p.Fast national viewing for this year between 7-11 was down ~5% vs. 2012 viewing from 7-9:30p.

Despite all the bold red-text disclaimers, several readers are looking at the preliminary fast national ratings for Sunday night, comparing them to last year’s final numbers (111.3 million viewer average) and saying “see, the game is down!”

Despite the preliminary  fast national numbers being lower than last year’s final numbers, the preliminary fast national viewing from 7-11p was actually up 12% year over year and CBS will benefit  with much better 10-11p numbers than last year since last year the game ended much earlier and by 10:19p, The Voice was on.

Coupled with the news that the game (minus the blackout) had the highest overnight metered market numbers ever for a Super Bowl, while it’s no guarantee I’m guessing that, yes, we’ll see another viewership record.  Stay tuned…

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