Lady Gaga Muppets

Ah, Thanksgiving a day of gratitude, turkey, carbohydrates, parades and football. Lots and lots of football. This year, the television gods have decided to create a new Thanksgiving tradition: puppets. ABC is airing Lady Gaga and the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular, featuring the pop star doing her best to live up to the awesomeness of Debbie Harry on the original Muppet Show:


Coincidentally, on FOX a new episode of Glee features the New Directions gang singing with puppets.  It’s a given that both programs will be clobbered by football on NBC, but which puppets will prove more popular among adults 18-49? Lady Gaga’s new album has been underperforming, which is a strike against the Muppets special, but Kermit and Miss Piggy have a loyal following. Though Glee has struggled this season, Gleeks may enjoy seeing the felt versions of their favorite characters. Make your predictions then go enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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