The first installment of NBC’s “terrorist hunt” show The Wanted did dreadfully on Monday, drawing an embarrassing 0.8 adults 18-49 demo overnight rating. It seems that NBC believes it may have hurt Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show that night, so it’s being pushed to 9pm, so the more typical (and almost certainly better rated) 10pm show Dateline can take its place. In the same vein, tonight is the final episode of The Listener that NBC will air for perhaps the same reason. It was yanked to be replaced by Law & Order repeats.

At some point after you’ve thrown everything out of the basket to try and get the balloon to rise, there isn’t anything left to jettison. What happens then?

Here is NBC’s press release:


July 23, 2009, New York, N.Y. – The second installment of “The Wanted,” a groundbreaking television event that sets forth on an international hunt for an accused terrorist will air Monday, July 27 at 9 PM ET.

“The Wanted” brings together an elite team with backgrounds in intelligence, unconventional warfare and investigative journalism. The show focuses on real operators, in search of real targets — all in an effort to see individuals brought to justice.

In the July 27 episode, viewers will travel to Germany on the trail of Mamoun Darkazanli. Called “Bin Laden’s financier,” Spanish officials indicted Darkazanli in 2003 for providing logistical and financial support to Al Qaeda, specifically in connection with 9/11. Still he remains free in Germany. While the team surveils Darkazanli, negotiations for his deportation begin between Spain and Germany.

The faces of “The Wanted” include Roger Carstens who is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent authorities on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency; former Navy Seal Scott Tyler, an expert in urban reconnaissance and unconventional warfare; David Crane a decorated former US intelligence official and former international chief prosecutor — the first American to serve as Chief Prosecutor of an international war crimes tribunal since Justice Robert Jackson at Nuremberg; and Emmy award-winning investigative journalist Adam Ciralsky. Ciralsky also serves as co-executive producer of “The Wanted” with documentary filmmaker Charlie Ebersol.

Executive Producers and Co-Creators Charlie Ebersol and Adam Ciralsky said, “We are excited about our groundbreaking new TV project ‘The Wanted’ on NBC, and know that viewers will be intrigued by the show.” Ebersol and Ciralsky added, “It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen on TV before. The pairing of rigorous investigative journalism with high-end production values has resulted in a fast-paced show which we hope will leave viewers wanting more.”

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