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Trouble in paradise or just business as usual?   Joseph Adalian at The Wrap reports:

ABC’s buzz-heavy new fall drama “V” is taking a two-week creative hiatus.

Warner Bros. TV has decided to temporarily shut down production on the alien invasion series, with filming scheduled to halt next Wednesday, a studio rep confirmed exclusively to TheWrap. Because “V” doesn’t premiere until Nov. 3, the move won’t impact scheduling of the series or ABC’s ability to air the six episodes it’s planning for the fourth quarter.

The studio wouldn’t discuss the specific reasons behind the move, saying only that the shutdown was designed to boost “V” in the long-term.

WBTV wants to “take advantage of our November premiere to maximize creative opportunities and deliver the audience the best show possible,” a Warners spokesperson said.

People familiar with the decision indicated the hiatus was put in place so that writers would have time to beef up future scripts and bring them in line with the quality of the pilot, which has been getting good buzz from bloggers and critics since a successful screening at Comic-Con last month.

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This sort of thing likely happens more than I’m aware of, but the last time I remember hearing something like this was last fall for Dollhouse.   FOX made similar comments at the time and noted it didn’t impact the schedule because Dollhouse wasn’t launching until the winter.  Warner Bros. and ABC are in the same spot with V more or less. Since it’s not airing until November, a two-week shutdown in August and early September shouldn’t impact the schedule at all.

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