The cancellation bear is awake after his summer hibernation and he’s hungry.

Rookie broadcast primetime shows will begin premiering this week (although the official start of the season is Sept. 23), so it’s  time to throw your hat in the ring and guess which new broadcast primetime show you think will be caught by the cancellation bear and canceled first!

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let’s be clear that for the purposes of this poll “canceled” means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later.

Last season, CBS’ Made In Jersey was the first show canceled on October 10.

What’s your guess for this season’s first to go?

While I’ve included all new shows in the poll (in randomized order) expected to premiere before Christmas, the ones premiering late are obviously very highly unlikely to be canceled first, but the adventuresome are more than welcome to take a shot.

Like they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.

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