I posted this exact same post yesterday, but I lost my headlining sensibilities so not enough people saw the post or clicked over to read the great post by Mr. Hibberd.

A fun read from THR’s James Hibberd examining some of the time-period battles coming in the fall.

OK, this is more a ratings massacre waiting to happen than a battle.

Guess what time-period he was referring to with that line?

Here’s what he had to say about Mondays at 10pm:

3. Mondays at 10 p.m.: ABC’s “Castle” vs. NBC’s “Chase” vs. CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O”

If ABC and NBC thought they had it tough airing against “CSI: Miami,” they better get ready because a big wave is coming at them. “Hawaii Five-O” is perfectly on brand for CBS and the Oahu setting gets the network out of the grim atmospherics of some of its other procedurals. Sure, “Five-O” could crash, but on paper this a strong replacement for “Miami” in this slot — even with having a presumably weaker lead-in from a new comedy (“Mike & Molly”) than “Miami” enjoyed from “Big Bang Theory.”

I’m not sure that Castle fans are breaking into a sweat.  Yet.

Read them all…

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