Earlier, I posted about Netflix CEO Reed Hastings comments where he said he could see Netflix doing something similar to what DirecTV did with Friday Night Lights.  But there is a qualifier – the show has to be popular on Netflix streaming, which means that it has to be a show available on Netflix streaming.

That eliminates a lot of shows from certain studios, and eliminates all first year shows on broadcast.   Julia notes that the intersection of marginally rated shows currently airing on a broadcast network that have past seasons available on Netflix boils down to Lie to MeandBrothers&Sisters*.

The question is, what kind of gimmicky thing (e.g. peanuts from ‘Jericho’ fans) can fans of Lie to Me and Brothers & Sisters send Reed Hastings?

*Yes, Brothers & Sisters fans, I saw the story on Deadline about how B&S might be renewed for a shortened season, but that story basically read “Brothers & Sisters could be renewed for 3,6,9,12,13,15,18 or 22 episodes…or not at all!”

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