With a short week of normal programming due to the Thanksgiving holiday “Bubble Watch” is taking the week off.

I get some e-mails that boil down to: “C’mon man, you know ‘Terra Nova‘ is getting canceled, why do you have it ‘on the bubble. Typical TV by the Numbers pandering to the science fiction fan boys so they don’t give up hope!!”

Really? Consistently listing Fringe as likely to be canceled is the best way to pander to the science fiction loving crowd? Maybe those folks have me confused with Bill who has consistently listed Fringe as a toss-up for renewal. That’s hardly pandering though, that’s on the continuum somewhere between cowardly and prudent after being snakebit when it comes to Fringe prognosticating.  Call it a safety valve, because that’s what listing Fringe as a tossup is: no matter what happens to Fringe and no matter how pathetic its ratings, Bill can (and most certainly will) say that he and the Renew/Cancel Index got it right!

But back to Terra Nova… Based on the ratings, I do not know that Terra Nova is getting canceled. I don’t love its ratings and it keeps inching closer to “more likely to be canceled than renewed.” But ratings-wise, even factoring in the constant chatter that it’s a very expensive show to produce, it’s still ever so slightly on the bubble.

So during a slow holiday week I put it to you, our readers: do you think Terra Nova will get over or 13.5 episodes? I’m counting the two hour premiere and the two hour season finale on December 19 as four separate episodes for a total of 13 in season 1.

Remember, the question isn’t whether you like Terra Nova or think it sucks, or whether it should be renewed, the question is if it will be renewed. For what it’s worth (absolutely nothing), though I don’t love Fringe as much as I used to, I still enjoy it more than Terra Nova, but I still like Terra Nova’s chances to appear on the 2012-13 schedule a bit more than Fringe’s chances.

And speaking of Fringe (hey, if I’m going to be accused of using Terra Nova as a ruse to work Fringe into the headline I might as well milk it) some seem to think that what happens with Terra Nova factors into whether there will be a fifth season of Fringe. Some have even thrown out that Fox will do an all (anemically-rated) sci-fi Friday and pair Terra Nova and Fringe together on Friday nights. While that would be a bonanza for TV by the Numbers, I see no chance of it happening. If it does, I’ll personally contribute $5,000 to @MaskedScheduler‘s favorite charity. I don’t think the fates of Terra Nova and Fringe are linked, at least not in this universe.


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