A small update on Nielsen’s progress towards measuring online viewing. My understanding was that they were only expecting to measure computers in about 7,000 out of their 20,000 household sample, so either they’ve already got them all, or they’ve up the share of households for the computer sample.

Nielsen is also making progress concerning its single-source TV/ computer service that is adding a ‘Net meter’ to computers in homes that comprise Nielsen’s existing 20,000 people meters panel. So far, O’Grady says 7,000 computer meters have been installed. There will be more testing in the fall, moving to an official rollout in February 2011.

Will this video be counted — at least under the current national TV metric — as C3, commercial ratings plus three days of DVR playback?

If the video content via the computer has Nielsen encoding, and the online commercial load matches the traditional TV commercial load, credit will be given for that computer video view, says O’Grady.

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