“Time Warner Cable’s recent action is an extension of its desperate campaign to mask its impressive profits and instead malign its program suppliers’ efforts to receive fair compensation. Rather than legal and public relations maneuverings, Time Warner Cable would be better served by acknowledging the tremendous value provided by its content partners,”  Fox on Time Warner Cable’s complaint that Fox had “brazenly hijacked” the retransmission consent process.

The retrans wars are even further along than I thought.  Thanks to commenter “Dingo” I visited  Time Warner Cable’s ‘s site aimed at whipping its customers into a frenzy: where we read:

You Can’t Get a 300% Raise. Why Should a TV Network?

These days, every dollar counts. And for most families, cable TV provides the best entertainment value for the money.

But some of our contracts with program providers are up at the end of this year – and they’ve demanded as much as 300% more for their shows. Even worse, they’re threatening to pull the plug if we don’t pay their price.

In today’s economy, a 300% price increase is excessive. And withholding popular programming is unfair to America’s families – especially over the upcoming holidays.

Don’t let these TV networks hold your TV hostage. Together, we just might make a difference in what America pays for TV.

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