Variety has a piece today on how the broadcast network’s will be marketing their new seasons. My guess is that marketing for next season won’t differ that much from the marketing for last season, or next season. Inertia is a powerful force.

However, it does note (edit: some of) the marketing taglines for the fall, which I thought we could have some fun with. Here they are:

ABC: “Laugh On”

CBS: “What I Like About You” (The Romantics, 1980, targeting that youthful CBS demo)

Fox: “So Fox”

NBC: “More Colorful”

In the spirit of fun, here are my alternate taglines:

ABC: “Is Lost Still On?”

CBS: “Honey, Remind Me Again What Network Has All Those Crime Shows I Like”

Fox: “So Hoping For Long Baseball Playoff Series”

NBC: “Less Leno”

CW: “Chicks Dig Us, Watch With Them”

What are your suggestions?

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