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[A]t least one broadcast network will flunk. Right now, I think the CW is on the edge of the cliff. I know they are going after the young audience, but their shows are not working for the most part. “Melrose Place” is a disaster. “90210” is the same thing. Both shows are done.

I think CW has a year or two to make it. This could be the final year of the CW if the ratings don’t get better I think that network will drop.

via MediaPost.

I’m not so sure about that prediction. As long as CBS and Warner Brothers develop all the programming on the CW, their overall financial situation, considering the value of those developed show franchises, may be enough to have them continue to fund the CW. As for the CW’s strategic direction, and its current boss, Dawn Ostroff, that’s entirely another matter.

Other predictions from the same interview:

– ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox may decide to go all cable, and then local affiliates will have to scramble to survive.

– The number of television stations will decline

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