I checked out the web site from FOX that it has been promoting in its ads targeted at Time Warner Cable customers,   I knew FOX would go the “we make less than ESPN!” route in its direct conversations with TWC, but I didn’t figure it would unleash that on TWC’s subscribers, too.  But, it did in its FAQ. 

It’s pretty effective marketing overall, and while I’m sure just like last year’s public battle between TWC and Viacom’s cable channels over similar issues, this will get resolved, when FOX touts everything that TWC customers would potentially miss in January it’s an impressive list.

Some people will say “you can just get rabbit ears and watch!”  But, it’s not that simple.  Many people went to cable in the first place because they didn’t get good reception with an antenna.  Back in the day, improved reception was one of the bigger cable marketing pitches.   Also, because of the digital transition, people who are on TV sets that can’t receive a digital signal without a set-top box (AKA, most people) can’t simply hook an antenna up, so for a lot of people it’s not as simple as just hooking up an antenna.



Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable’s position would likely keep you from watching key final match ups from the NFL regular season and FOX’s coverage of the NFL Playoffs, plus the BCS series (Allstate Sugar Bowl on January 1, AT&T Cotton Bowl on January 2, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on January 4, and FedEx Orange Bowl on January 5), local FOX news, American Idol, 24, Glee, House, Fringe, The Simpsons, Family Guy and other exciting FOX programming, including several new series and season premieres.

  • Jan 1 – All State Sugar Bowl
  • Jan 2 – AT&T Cotton Bowl, New York (Giants) @ Minnesota, Philadelphia @ Dallas, Chicago @ Detroit, New Orleans @ Carolina, Atlanta @ Tampa Bay, San Francisco @ STL
  • Jan 3 – Greenbay @ Arizona, Washington @ San Diego, Til Death, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad
  • Jan 4 – Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
  • Jan 5 – FedEx Orange Bowl
  • Jan 7 – Bones, Fringe
  • Jan 8 – Dollhouse
  • Jan 9 – Wanda Sykes Show
  • Jan 10 – NFC Wild Card Game, Til Death (finale), The Simpsons – 20th Anniversary Special, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad
  • Jan 11 – House (Premiere)
  • Jan 12 – American Idol (2 hour Premiere)
  • Jan 13 – American Idol (Day 2 Premiere), Our Little Genius (Premiere)
  • Jan 14 – Bones, Fringe
  • Jan 15 – Dollhouse
  • Jan 16 – NFC Division Playoff Game
  • Jan 17 – NFC Division Playoff Game, 24 (2 Hour Premiere), Human Target (Premiere)
  • Jan 18 – 24 (2 hour Premiere Night 2)
  • Jan 19 – American Idol, Our Little Genius
  • Jan 20 – Human Target (Premiere), American Idol
  • Jan 21 – Fringe, Bones
  • Jan 22 – Dollhouse (Season Finale)
  • Jan 24 – NFC Division Championship Game
  • Jan 25 – House, 24
  • Jan 26 – American Idol, Our Little Genius
  • Jan 27 – American Idol, Human Target
  • Jan 28 – Bones, Fringe
  • Jan 29 – House, Kitchen Nightmares (Premiere)
  • Jan 30 – Wanda Sykes Show
  • Jan 31 – Til Death, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad
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