As the parade of shows noted by as potentially being picked up by Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, cable networks and/or Joe the Plumber lengthens, it’s become somewhat of a running joke between Robert and I as to which show will be next. Not sure which one of us had Pan Am, but we can add that to the parade today.

As a business model catering to the desperate fan it’s got a lot to recommend it. They can go with “There’s Hope,” then “There’s Still Hope,” and finally “Alas, No More Hope” posts and harvest the pageviews all along the way. Even better if they can grab some crazy rant from a star or a producer.

So, in the spirit of expanding our business model (if just a tiny bit), I thought I’d open the floor to guessing for “What will be the next show that Deadline will claim may be saved by some non-broadcast TV source?”

Disqualified guesses: (since the posts have already been written): Pan Am, Terra Nova, The River, Unforgettable.

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