Lots of hoo ha about CBS’s GOP Debate on Saturday for a variety of reasons I couldn’t care less about, but what’s interesting is that in the midst of topical news around several of the GOP candidates CBS failed to do any better than third among recent GOP debates (and fourth among adults 25-54 targeted by news programming), taking a back seat to Fox News and CNN’s recent GOP debate viewerships.

It was a Saturday, but it was on a broadcast network and seems to be yet more evidence of the continuing erosion of supremacy by the broadcast networks vs. the cable networks.

Network Date Program Time Days Viewership Adults 25-54
(million) (million)
FOXN 9/22/11 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE 09:00P -11:00P ___T___ 6.107 1.701
CNN 10/18/11 WESTERN REP DEBATE 08:00P -09:52P _T_____ 5.495 1.660
CBS 11/12/11 CBS NWS REPUBLICAN DEBATE 08:00P -09:00P _____S_ 5.480 1.520
MSNBC 9/7/11 DEBATE 08:00P -09:49P __W____ 5.411 1.728
FOXN 8/11/11 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE 09:00P -11:00P ___T___ 5.050 1.426
CNN 9/12/11 TEA PARTY REP DEBATE 08:00P -09:52P M______ 3.613 1.132
CNBC 11/9/11 YOUR MONEY YOUR VOTE 08:00P -10:00P __W____ 3.332 0.993
FOXN 5/5/11 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE 09:00P -10:31P ___T___ 3.258 0.854
CNN 6/13/11 NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP DEBATE 08:00P -10:00P M______ 3.162 0.918
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