(the title of this chart has been corrected to attribute the numbers to CNN’s 3-5pm timeslot during both periods not just Rick’s List, to see the original chart click here)

There’s been a bit of snickering online about the fact that CNN’s Rick Sanchez misplaced Hawaii and asked for help on a simple metric conversion last weekend during “Hawaii Tsunami Watch 2010”.

Geography is the least of Rick’s problems. Almost half of his CNN’s February 2009 audience from 3-5pm weekdays seems to have lost its way misplaced his regular 3-5pm weekday show. Rick’s List has lost 52% of its cable news target adults 25-54 audience he and Wolf Blitzer had from 3-5pm in from February 2009 to February 2010, and 43% of its their average viewership.

Update: I stand corrected, edits in the paragraph above in italics & strikethrough. The charts above contain the 3-5pm numbers for CNN in the two periods (February 2009 vs. February 2010). In February 2009, Sanchez’s CNN Newsroom ran 3-4pm, while Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room ran 4-5pm. In February 2010, Sanchez’s Rick’s List runs the entire 3-5pm period.

Where in the World is Rick Sanchez?

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