So much for the dog days of summer. With the debt ceiling tussle, the S&P rating downgrade, financial market gyrations, Virginia earthquake, Gaddafi ouster, and Hurricane Irene it turned into a big month for Fox News.

In August*, Fox News finished fourth in primetime viewership (CNN was #28, MSNBC was #30) among cable networks (behind USA, Disney and TNT), with their total primetime viewership rising 10% vs. last August. Fox News was seventh in total day (24hr) average viewership among cable networks (CNN was #25, MSNBC was #32), with their average total day viewership rising 14% vs. last August. Fox News’ adults 25-54 primetime viewership rose 11% and their adults 25-54 total day viewership rose 17%.

Here’s the ratings breakdown among the cable news networks during August, 2011

FNC: 1,995,000 in viewers (484,000 in 25-54)
CNN: 723,000 in viewers (242,000 in 25-54)
MSNBC: 714,000 in viewers (227,000 in 25-54)

FNC: 1,157,000 in viewers (311,000 in 25-54)
CNN: 539,000 in viewers (189,000 in 25-54)
MSNBC: 428,000 in viewers (142,000 in 25-54)

*which for the purpose of Nielsen ratings was 8/1-8/28/11

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