Erin Burnett’s about to begin her new Erin Burnett OutFront CNN show at 7pm Eastern and claims she’s not going to worry about the ratings.

Perhaps she’s telling the truth, but her bosses will certainly be worrying about them, and they’ve shown the willingness to make changes very quickly.

Let’s take the most recent case of the recently departed 8pm show Parker/Spitzer (and its successor In The Arena). It never found any ratings traction and Kathleen Parker, the original co-host, lasted 144 days. Eliot Spitzer (now in the retooled In The Arena) became a veritable grey beard by comparison, lasting another 128 days.

Erin, don’t worry about your ratings, there will be plenty of others doing it for you.

Parker- Spitzer/ In The Arena – Debut to finale dates in CNN’s lineup

October 4, 2010 [First “Parker Spitzer” show]

February 25, 2011 [Parker’s last day on the show]

February 28, 2011 [ First “In the Arena” episode at 8:00 pm]

July 6, 2011 [Spitzer’s last episode on “In The Arena”]

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