With ongoing international news coverage, FOX News Channel ranked at #2 in primetime in all of ad-supported cable for the fourth consecutive week.  FNC was second behind USA Network*.  Additionally, FNC was again a top five network in total day, ranking at #5.

As for the other nets networks, CNN ranked #9 in prime and #8 in total day.  MSNBC ranked #27 in prime and #28 in total day.

Cable Primetime for week 3/14/11-3/20/11:

#2 – FNC with 2,114,000
#9 – CNN with 1,453,000
#27 – MSNBC with 808,000

Cable Total Day for week 3/14/11-3/20/11:

#3 – FNC with 1,270,000
#8 – CNN with 987,000
#28 – CNN with 484,000

*Though we usually included Disney Channel in our cable  network rankings because people are interested, it’s not typically included ?in the cable rankers and isn’t included in the above rankings because it doesn’t t have traditional advertising.  But it was ahead of FNC (and behind USA in primetime, and Nickelodeon in total day).

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