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If Melrose Place were haunted, it would be Bedlam Heights

Welcome to Bedlam Heights, the stylish new apartment building with sexy tenants and gorgeous decor. But little do its new residents suspect that behind the luxury fittings lie unimaginable horrors. This is a place tainted by abuse, suffering and death – and the ghosts of its dark and violent past are out for revenge. As the direct descendent of those who ran the asylum for generations, Kate (Charlotte Salt, The Tudors) – who both lives and works there as a sales agent – is a prime target.  Everybody has a dark side in this new series also starring Theo James (Downton Abbey), Ashley Madekwe (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), Hugo Speer (Skins) and Will Young (Skins).  If Melrose Place were haunted, it would be Bedlam Heights.  Bedlam premieres Saturday, October 1, 10:00pm ET/PT. It moves to its regular time slot Saturday, October 8, 9:00pm ET/PT as part of Supernatural Saturdays.


In this modern take on a haunted house story, Kate (Salt) lives in Bedlam Heights with roommates Ryan (Young) and Molly (Madekwe). There’s tension around the apartment – both the sexual and the out-of-work-roommate kinds. Kate and her father, Warren (Speer), own the building, which has been in the family for generations.  Overly self-confident but ultimately self-destructive, Kate is tasked to fill the remaining vacant apartments.  She’s surprised by the unexpected arrival of Jed (James), her adopted cousin, who storms into her apartment only to find her in a compromising position. With a checkered past and mental health issues, he’s a troubled man who sees ghosts and visions of the past. Recent messages to ‘Save Kate,’ propel him back into Kate’s life. Gradually Jed uncovers the terrifying secrets held in Bedlam Heights, while trying to retain his sanity. He’s convinced Kate is in danger from the spooks of Bedlam, but unbeknown to him, the truth will be far more terrifying…


Together, Jed, Kate and their roommates Ryan and Molly collide head-on with the lunacy of Bedlam Heights, while simultaneously wrestling with another kind of madness altogether – a lively, messy, edgy world of relationships, commitments and friendship.



Jed                               Theo James (Downton Abbey, A Passionate Woman)

Kate                             Charlotte Salt (The Tudors)

Ryan                             Will Young (SkinsMrs. Henderson Presents)

Molly                            Ashley Madekwe (Secret Diary of a Call Girl)

Warren                        Hugo Speer (Skins)

Mark                            Ashley Walters (OutcastsHustle)

Leah                             Kara Tointon (EastEnders)

Sadie                            Lily Loveless (Skins)

Sean                             Sean Maguire (Meet The Spartans)

Maria                            Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey)


Writers and Creators   David Allison (Boy Meets Girl, Hollyoaks)

Neil Jones (Waterloo Road, Hollyoaks)

Chris Parker (EastEnders, Hollyoaks)


Executive Producer      Nicola Shindler (Single Father, Unforgiven)


Bedlam is a Red production for Sky Living HD




Episode One – Cohabitants

When Jed receives mysterious texts telling him to ‘Save Kate’ he travels to newly-renovated Bedlam Heights to tackle the ghosts of the former asylum’s dark past. The owner’s daughter’s new ring has disturbed a troubled soul, hell-bent on punishing whoever wears it, while Ryan seems to be haunted by a ghost of a different kind. Jed must get to the bottom of what’s going on and save Kate from a terrifying ordeal before it is too late. Episode one premieres Saturday, October 8, 9:00pm ET/PT.


Episode Two – Driven

Molly becomes concerned when her friend Leah (Kara Tointon) falls victim to a horrifying series of events. Jed soon realizes there are supernatural forces at work, and when Kate discovers Leah might not be who she says she is, it becomes clear she is harboring a dark secret. Jed and Ryan have a race against time to find out what she’s hiding – only then can they stop the ghost from taking its bloody revenge.  Episode two premieres Saturday, October 15, 9:00pm ET/PT.


Episode Three – Inmates

Sadie Novak (Lily Loveless) is recovering from a breakdown, but when she meets Jed the spark is instant and they begin a passionate relationship. Ryan tracks down a mysterious old woman he’s seen wandering the grounds and learns shocking revelations about Jed’s origins. While an angry ghost from the asylum’s bleak history forces Sadie to confront a horrific event in her past, Jed must uncover a brutal truth and act quickly to save Sadie from danger. The blackest of secrets cannot be forgotten.  Episode three premieres Saturday,October 22, 9:00pm ET/PT.


Episode Four – Hide and Seek

Molly fears the worst when Ella, the girl she is babysitting, tells stories about an imaginary friend being abused. Jed and Ryan encounter a familiar face at Grace’s funeral, while Kate learns disturbing revelations about her grandfather. Jed tries to save Ella from a sinister child ghost, and makes a shocking discovery.  Episode four premieres Saturday, October 29, 9:00pm ET/PT.


Episode Five – Committed

When Mark (Ashley Walters) receives phone calls in the dead of night, he thinks a woman may have a vendetta against him, but Jed knows the truth is darker. Ryan finds a photo of Jed’s mother and begins to unravel the mystery of Jed’s birth. Kate suspects Warren might be hiding a dreadful secret, while Jed faces his toughest test yet, to save Mark from a grisly fate.  Episode five premieres Saturday, November 5, 9:00pm ET/PT.


Episode Six – Burning Man

When Molly is haunted by the figure of a burning man, Ryan is forced to protect her, but when things get intimate will their friendship ever be the same again? Kate is pushed to the brink as she wrestles with her conscience, while Jed tries to make contact with his mother and is brought face to face with a dreadful secret in the depths of Bedlam Heights.  Episode six premieres Saturday, November 12, 9:00pm ET/PT.



JED (Theo James)

Jed Harper is a troubled man. He has been in and out of mental institutions throughout his teenage years and early twenties, leaving him torn between his supernatural experiences and being told he is going crazy. Adopted as a child, he had a troubled upbringing and does not see eye-to-eye with his uncle, Warren. Upon his arrival at Bedlam Heights, Jed becomes increasingly aware of the building’s history of abuse, suffering and death.


Theo James, slated to star in Underworld 4: New Dawn, has been deemed “…the man behind the hotness…” in Bedlam by the UK’s InStyle magazine.  He is best known for his role as the handsome Kemal Pamuk in Downton Abbey and appeared in Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

KATE (Charlotte Salt)


Kate Bettany is young, attractive and smart.  On the surface, she is like any other twenty-something girl.  But under her beautiful exterior, she is struggling to find her own identity.  Kate lives in her father’s apartment building, Bedlam Heights. She shares her home with her best friend, Molly, college friend, Ryan, and cousin, Jed.  Managing the Bedlam Heights venture, her and her father (Warren) seem to make a partnership of equals.


Charlotte Salt is no stranger to television, joining Bedlam after a recurring guest role on The Tudors and starring in the ABC Family dramaWildfire.  She also appeared in the feature film Beowulf with Robin Wright and Anthony Hopkins.

RYAN (Will Young)


Ryan McAllister, has been scarred by the death of his brother, James, who was murdered almost a year ago. He’s one of the first people to learn that his roommate Jed has special abilities, and seizes on this quickly in the hope that Jed might be able to contact the ghost of his brother.  Ryan has not found the right person for him yet – and he’s not sure if he wants a Mr. or a Mrs. Right.


Will Young, most recognized as winner of Pop Idol – the UK’s American Idol, has been seen in the original Skins series and Mrs. Henderson Presents with Dame Judi Dench.


MOLLY (Ashley Madekwe)

Molly Lucas is warm, spontaneous and open.  She has a strong moral sense, which can often be seen as judgmental.  Having lived in Canada during her teens, and travelled the world, she’s moved back to England to live with her best friend, Kate, and find her soul mate.


Ashley Madekwe, has appeared in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and the feature film How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, alongside Simon Pegg, Megan Fox and Jeff Bridges. She is also slated to star in the upcoming ABC series Revenge, which premieres next year.




WARREN (Hugo Speer)

Father to Kate and uncle to Jed, Warren Bettany is a charming and successful businessman, whose father was the last in a long line of Bettanys to have run the psychiatric hospital.  Warren grew up in a world where power and corruption went hand in hand, but he also believed that the hospital’s brutal and inhuman methods were justified. Now he’s decided to turn the troubled building into an apartment building to restore Bedlam Heights and his position as patriarch. But he had not accounted for Jed’s arrival, which now threatens to undo all of his plans.


Hugo Speer appeared in the feature film The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn and can also be seen in the original Skins series and the feature filmThe Full Monty.

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