The ratings for the penultimate episode of the first half of season one are in for Caprica and Ghost in the Machine increase viewing a bit — the best live+SD viewing since January 29.  But the adults 18-49 viewing was flat.

Date Episode 18-49 Rating Viewers (millions) 22-Jan-10 Pilot 0.4 1.602 29-Jan-10 Rebirth 0.5 1.411 5-Feb-10 Reins of a Waterfall 0.4 1.128 19-Feb-10 Gravedancing 0.4 0.976 26-Feb-10 There Is Another Sky 0.4 1.127 5-Mar-10 Know They Enemy 0.5 1.155 12-Mar-10 The Imperfections of Memory 0.4 1.071 19-Mar-10 Ghosts in the Machine 0.4 1.229 26-Mar-10 End of Line    

Next week, the mid-season finale.  Episode description below, if you don’t like any spoilers at all, look away now!


When Daniel (Eric Stoltz) finally sets a deadline for resetting the U-87 Cylon – and unknowingly ending Zoe-A’s (Alessandra Torresani) existence as she knows it – she makes a desperate attempt to save herself.  But when her plan backfires, she finds herself out of time and out of options.

Furious with a recent comeuppance, Barnabas (James Marsters) ignites his feud with Clarice (Polly Walker) into an all-out war.  Trapped in the middle is Lacy (Magda Apanowicz), who is forced to make a decision she may regret forever.

Daniel makes a confession to an already reeling Amanda (Paula Malcomson) that sends her over the edge.

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