The fourth season premiere of Dexter on Showtime hit a series high 1.5 million viewers in its first airing, and up 25% from the season three premiere.  It was the most watched show on Showtime since at least 2004 (apparently the way Showtime counted shows changed then).  Californication hit a series high of 821,000.  That up 57% from last year’s premiere, according to The Live Feed and:

If you fold in the show’s same-night encores, “Dexter” was seen by 1.9 million viewers and “Californication” had 1.2 million.

Though I’m happy for the shows, I started to watch Dexter and was about half way through it, got distracted by something and never went back to it.  I’ll probably wait until there are a few episodes and binge on it, unless I get distracted again.  I haven’t checked out Californication yet either, but those are so short I like to queue them up and watch a few back-to-back.

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