Sunday’s Dexter averaged 1.7 million viewers or about as many as Mad Men’s 1.723 million.  The difference?  AMC is available in roughly 95 million homes, while Showtime is only in around 21 million (based on Nielsen estimates from September).

The 1.7 million represents a series high for Dexter which this year has John Lithgow in the cast.

Update: Here is the press release from Showtime noting that it was the most-viewed single telecast since 2004.  But they also mix and match and don’t even list the 1.7 million, instead using “over 2 million” which must include ~300,000 for the encore. 


Sunday’s Episode Sets Ratings Record For SHOWTIME

“Lundy was wrong.  I was wrong,” laments Dexter during the final scene of last week’s revelatory 5th episode.  “Neither of us knew pieces of the puzzle were missing.  Trinity is a husband, a father.  He’s like me.”

With this latest discovery, Dexter’s already duplicitous and morally ambiguous world gets thrown upside down as he realizes Trinity’s pathology runs deeper than he ever could have imagined.  Having created similar dual realities to hide their true nature, Dexter recognizes he has more in common with Trinity than he first thought.  While Dexter might admire Trinity’s methods which have proven murderously effective for over three decades, he understands that Harry’s Code will not allow for him to idly stand by as Trinity continues his rampage.

Last Sunday’s episode of Dexter was the highest single-telecast on SHOWTIME since 2004, surpassing the season premiere.  Over 2 million viewers tuned into watch as the dramatic tension and plot twists continue to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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