Looks like Discovery Communications (home of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc.) hasn’t passed on Sarah Palin after all.  It is now expected that Discovery will soon announce a deal for the Mark Burnett production project  “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Last week James Hibberd reported Discovery had decided to pass leaving A&E Networks as the likely buyer.  But on Monday night Hibberd reported that a deal with Discovery could be announced within a few days.

Variety’s Michael Schneider also reported that a deal with Discovery was expected soon and that earlier on Monday word came that A&E was no longer in the running leaving Discovery as the presumptive winner at a price of more than $1 million per episode.

Hibberd writes that Palin’s asking price was $1.2 million and that anything close to that would make it one of the most expensive nature series ever produced.

The high-definition program will be shot in a style similar to “Life” and “Planet Earth” and will feature Palin acting as a guide to the Alaskan outdoors.  When it was commissioned by the BBC at a cost of $25 million, the 11-part “Planet Earth” was considered the most expensive documentary the network had ever made.

Don’t look for Oprah to be enlisted for any voice over work though.  Ms. Winfrey narrates the US version of “Life” that premiered across all the Discovery-owned networks on Sunday night to record numbers.

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