AdWeek is out today with a list of it’s 100 Most Influential TV shows. It’s, of course, completely subjective, and they have the list ranked chronologically, not by “influence”, but my guess is that our readers will find it comment worthy.

Here are the 10 most recent shows in the list (and here’s a link to the entire list):

91. American Idol (Fox) June 11, 2002 Peaked in 2005-06 with an average 17.6 household rating and still topping the charts, no show this long into its run dominates the way American Idol does.

92. NCIS (CBS) Sept. 23, 2003 NCIS is now the most-watched scripted drama with an average 20.1 million viewers.

93. Lost (ABC) Sept. 22, 2004 Flight No. 815 out of Sydney, Australia proved there is a hunger for unorthodox storytelling.

94. Desperate Housewives (ABC) Oct. 3, 2004 Comedy mixed with drama proved to be a successful formula. Peaked in 2005-06 with a 13.8 household rating.

95. Dancing with the Stars (ABC) June 1, 2005 ABC’s most-watched series with an average 21.4 million viewers for the fall 2010 performance show.

96. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!) Oct. 14, 2007 Continues to evolve, with endless spin-offs.

97. Glee (Fox) May 19, 2009 Critics crowed and iTune sales went through the roof.

98. Modern Family (ABC) Sept. 23, 2009 Named Outstanding Comedy Series at last year’s Emmy Awards.

99. Jersey Shore (MTV) Dec. 3, 2009 A monster hit for MTV, with over 7 million viewers in season three.

100. The Walking Dead (AMC) Oct. 31, 2010 Breaks records at AMC with 5.3 million viewers for its series-opener.

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