Finally, Game of Thrones premieres tonight on HBO.

Yep, I know since there’s no advertising, ratings don’t matter much to premium channels like HBO. Happy subscribers and adding more of them is what counts. And yep, I get that for HBO, how the initial telecast does doesn’t matter nearly as much as how many people watched via one of the other (seemingly 4,200 in this case) airings, DVR or On Demand.

Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to dig up the multiple airing/DVR/On Demand viewing for past airings then it is the ratings for initial telecasts.  Here’s a smattering of data from the recent-ish past for the initial telecasts of some other shows on HBO:

Show Date 18-49 Viewers
Boardwalk Empire S1 Premiere 9/19/2010 2.0 4.81
Boardwalk Empire S1 Finale 12/5/2010 1.3 3.29
True Blood S1 Premiere 9/17/2008 0.7 1.44
True Blood S2 Premiere 6/14/2009 2.0 3.70
True Blood S3 Premiere 6/13/2010 2.9 5.10
Entourage S6 Premiere 7/12/2009 1.9 3.40
Entourage S7 Premiere 6/27/2010 1.5 2.48
The Pacific Premiere 3/14/2010 1.1 3.08
The Pacific Finale 5/16/2010 0.7 1.96

A special sneak preview of the first 14 minutes or so of the Game of Thrones premiere scored 720,000 viewers and a 0.2 adults 18-49 rating a couple of weeks ago.  Others pointed out correctly that those numbers don’t mean anything.  Other than perhaps being entertaining, this (and any other) poll doesn’t mean anything either, but…

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